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Pure Gold Dust from Gold Coast.

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 Category: Jewelry / Other
 Date of placement: Dec 03, 2004 09:12 (GMT)
 Expiration date: Nov 21, 2012 11:17 (GMT)
 Type: Sell
 Subject: Pure Gold Dust from Gold Coast.

We, NIZA Mining Group, with full legal and corporate responsibility and under international penalty of perjury, with full knowledge of the act of fraud are ready, willing, and able to deliver herein the following:

PRODUCT Alluvial Gold Dust

QUANTITY 350kg with possible rolls and extensions

FINENESS/PURITY 99.95% or better


PRICE: USD$4,800.00/kg

DISCOUNT: 8% Gross, 6% net to buyer

PAYMENT: EURO or USD by SWIFT Wire Transfer


Seller submits sanitized FCO to interested Buyer(s).

Buyer initiates ND/NC.

Seller submits currently dated and unsanitized, Full Corporate Offer (FCO) to Buyer.

Buyer issues legal and binding RWA/LOI with the Buyer??™s full company name, address, and full banking coordinates to Seller along with the Irrevocable Fee Protection Agreement (IFPA) to Seller.

The Buyer will also submit a letter from his/her bank confirming the Buyer??™s ability to perform and enter into this kind of transaction.

The Seller shall issue/fax/email the Proof of Product (POP) upon receipt of the documents listed in item #4 and #5 along with the draft contract for the Buyer??™s consideration.

The Buyer will inform the Seller either by email, fax, or telephone of the arrival of the Buyer??™s representative in Ghana.

Upon arrival in Ghana, the Buyer and Seller will proceed to miningto certify and inspect the product.

Upon request of the Buyer, the Seller will produce the following documents in preparation for shipment of the product:

Certificate of Ownership issued by the Seller/Owner.

Certificate of Assay issued by the Seller/Owner, confirming Quantity and Quality (Q&Q) to be 350kg and 99.59% pure.

Certificate by Seller, confirming that the commodity is free from all liens and encumbrances, that the Seller has/or shall pay any taxes/dues to the relevant authorities in the country of shipment and that the product/commodity is of non-criminal origin.

Airway Bill by air carrier.

Packing List.

Certificate of Insurance issued by international insurers.

Export License.

Discount for the Gold Dust is 8% Gross, 6% Net to the Buyer to be divided at 50-50 between the intermediaries on both the Sell and Buy sides in accordance with the Irrevocable Fee Protection Agreement (IFPA). Buyer will secure a top-ranked international bank for payment to the beneficiaries/intermediaries.

Payment Guarantee: Upon signing the contract and within three (3) banking days, the Buyer shall cause his/her bank to issue an acceptable banking instrument to the Seller??™s bank guaranteeing payment.

After the Buyer??™s Payment Guarantee Instrument has been received and verified by Seller??™s Bank, Buyer takes possession of the product/commodity from the Owner/Seller along with the documents listed in item #7. The Buyer has three (3) banking days to effect payment either in Euro or USD by SWIFT Wire Transfer to Seller??™s nominated bank account, based on the Certificate of Assayer and invoices issued by the Seller and accepted by the Buyer.

Buyer will bear the cost of transporting the product to its final destination.

Hope to hear from serious buyer soonest.

Mrs Aishat Gidado
 Contact information
Company: Niza Mining Group
Contact person: Mrs Aishat Gidado

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