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Fresh Cut Roses from Ecuador

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 Category: Agriculture & Farm / Flowers
 Date of placement: Jul 01, 2004 17:07 (GMT)
 Expiration date: Nov 21, 2012 11:17 (GMT)
 Type: Sell
 Subject: Fresh Cut Roses from Ecuador
 Details: Cadena Trading Inc.Importaci??n&Exportaci??nPanamericana Norte Km. 6-1/2 -Calle J. Enrique Guerrero Oe1.261 --Quito EcuadorTel/Fax 593.2.2472124 / 2800322 Movil: 593.9.9831197E-mail: kdena@uio.satnet.netwww.cadenatrading.comOctober 2.001 We are a group of flower growers and exporters located in Quito-Ecuador, South America. Our combined monthly production reaches over three million (3??™000,000) stems including over seventy varieties and colors. We can deliver either F.O.B. or CIF Any international airport.VARIETIES AND COLORS: RED: Ambassador, Charlotte, Grand Gala, Preference, Royalty, Rouge Baisser, Classy, Belle Rouge, Black Magic, Madame del Bard, Carola, Dallas, First Red, Grand Prix, Gran Gala, Madame, Mahalla, Obsession, Red velvet, Royalty, Xantia, Red Unique, Raphaela, Meiluso. YELLOW: Aalsmer Gold, Cocktail, Concord, Emblem, Golden Emblem, Judy, Papillion, Texas, Skyline, Golden Gate, Frisco, Queens Day, Sari (yellow/Bronze) Yellow Timeless, Indian Summer. WHITE: Hollywood, Lady Liberty, Crystalline, Silver Fox, Tineke, Virginia, Polo, Melcoloie, Vendela Timeless (creamy white). SALMON: Charmilla, Marlyse, Milaya, Saphir, Sonia, Versilia, Movie Star. PINK: Karen, Kiss, Naomi, Paris, Pink Ariana, Mystery, Nabila, Elegance, Tiffany, Vogue (pink/Dark pink). ORANGE: Capri, Marjan, Movie Star, Pareo, Sary, Sensation, Star 2000, Terracota, Melbrusko, Orange Unique, Indian Femma, Marjan, Donna. LIGHT PINK: Anna, Cadillac, Brideal Dream, Vogue, Confidence, Comtesse, Lady Diana, Peckoubo, Livia, Vivaldi, Toscanini, Marlysse (pink/peach), Paganini, Seduction, Lorena, Exotica, Diplomat. LAVENDER: Blue Bird, Blue Curiosa, Prelude, Jessica, Jacaranda, Blue Bell, and Sterling. HOT PINK: Diplomat, Eliza, Hot Princess, Jacaranda, Kiko, Laser, Mascara, Menphis, Mistery, Orlando, Pavarotti, Rhapsody, Prive, Ravel. Movie Star. CREAM: Arianna, Clear Ocean, Champagne, Cream, Cream Prophyta, After Glow, Jessica, Melody, Prophyta, Timeless, Vendela, Versilia, Sundance, Sandy Femma. PEACH: Osiana, Versilia, Melody, Sonia, Pretty Woman, Prophita, Donna. BI-COLOR: Ambiance, Blue Bell, Candia, Carnaval Capri, Evolution, Fire&Ice, Harmony, Julia, Konfetti (red/yellow), Laguna (white/red), Leonidas (rosy brown), Long Arifa, Nicole, Pailine, Paradise, Rafaela, Rossini (white/red), Saturn, Tango, Sari (melon), Vendela (champagne), Maike, Vouge, Lipstick Henry Mattise, Harmony, Gospel, Feria, Fashion, Arifa, Attache, Fashion, Charmilla (salmon/yellow), Chain Soutine (cream/red) Duo Unique (white/red), First Lady (Green Cream/Pink), Henry Mattisse (white/red), Limona (white/green), Pareo (pink/yellow), Ravel (fuchsia/Salmon). LILAC: Blue Bird, Blue Curiosa. NOVELTY: Message, Novelty, Palline, Timeless. Other flowers we can offer are:GYPSOPHILA, GYPSOPHILA PERFECTA, MILLION STAR GYP, LISIANTHUS MARIACHI, LIMONIUM, DELPHINIUM, BOUVARDIA, GODETIA, ASTER & MONTECASINO SUNFLOWERS, AMMI MAJUS, ALSTROEMERIA, LILIUM, MOLUCELLA, ORCHIDIOLA, AMARANTHUS, CELOSIA, HYPERICUM, SOLIDAGO, LIATRIS, ASTER SUNGAL, RUSCUS, ASTER SUNBIRD, ASTER SUNRIO, ASTER SUNCARLO, QUEEN ANN'S LACE, LARKSPUR DELPHINIUM, PEREZII, ERYNGIUM, BELLS OF IRELAND, STOCK * MATTIHIOLA INCANA* CAMPANULA, STATICE, ANGEL FLOWERS, PONPONS, CHRYSANTHEMUMS. Following, please, find our latest price list: WHITE CALLA LILISStem 75 Cmts. USD 0.65 Each 60 stems per half box.Quantity: Max. 120 boxes per month or 30 boxes per week. ROSES: PRICES PER LENGTH OF STEM IN Cmts.:Stem of 90 CMs long at USD 0.45 a half box carries 100 stems 4 bunchesStem of 80 CMs long at USD 0.40 a half box carries 100 stems 4 bunchesStem of 70 CMs long at USD 0.35 a half box carries 125 stems 5 bunches Stem of 60 CMs long at USD 0.30 a half box carries 150 stems 6 bunchesStem of 50 CMs long at USD 0.25 a half box carries 200 stems 8 bunchesStem of 40 CMs long at USD 0.20 a half box carries 200 stems 8 bunches Stem of 30 CMs long at USD 0.18 a half box carries 250 stems 10 bunches Product: FRESH CUT CARNATIONSPRICES:Select at USD 0.14 a full box carries 600 stemsFancy at USD 0.12 a full box carries 650 stems
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Company: Carlos J. Cadena
Contact person: Mr Carlos Cadena

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