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Supply Standardized plant and herb extract powder

 Offer details
 Category: Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals
 Date of placement: Jun 18, 2005 14:06 (GMT)
 Expiration date: Nov 21, 2012 11:17 (GMT)
 Type: Sell
 Subject: Supply Standardized plant and herb extract powder
 Details: Garlic extract
Black cohosh extract
Bugbane extract
Chinese black cohosh extract
Officinal magnolia bark extract
Phellodendron bark extract
Amur cork-tree extract
Smoketree extract
Ginkgo bilota extract
Ginkgo leaf extract
Citrus aurantium extract
Immature bitter orange extract
Hawthorn fruit extract
Chinese gall extract
Soybean extract
Belladonna extract
Atropa belladonna extract
Epimedium herb extract
Epimedium brevicornum extract
Horny Goat Weed extract
St. John's wort extract
Alfalfa extract
Lucerne extract
Purple medic extract
Boswellia serrata extract
Frankincense extract
White kidney bean extract
Pomegranate rind extract
pomegranate skin extract
Siberian ginseng extract
Manyprickle acanto-panax root extract
Chinese angelica extract
Gromwell root extract
Sinkiang arnebia root extract
Redroot gromwell root extract
Mikvetch root extract
Astragalus root extract
Membranous milkvetch root extract
Mongolian milkvetch root extract
Kuhseng root extract
Lightyellow sophora root extract
Wild yam extract
Common yam rhizome extract
Giant knotweed rhizome extract
Polygonum cuspidatum extract
Ginger root extract
Dried ginger extract
Rhodiola rosea extract
White willow bark extract
Horse chestnut seed extract
Chinese buckeye seed extract
Wilson buckeye seed extract
Horse chestnut extract
Mustard seed extract
India mustard seed extract
Puncturevine caltrop fruit extract
Tribulus terrestris extract
Red clover Extract
Nettle root extract
Common nettle extract
Valerian extract
Setwall extract
Corn husk extract
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Company: Jieliang Extract Co., Ltd.
Contact person: Michael Lee

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